Teddy’s Party | Production Journal One

TEDDY’S PARTY is the second film set in the “Bryn Universe”, which was established in our last film ‘Bryn Gets a Job’ (available now on Amazon Prime and/or YouTube). The plot follows Teddy (played by Brandon Fields), the lovable store clerk from BGAJ, as he throws a party to impress his crotchety grandfather, Theo (played by Patrick Steed).

On February 3rd, 2018, filming began in downtown Augusta, Georgia, at a store called Aficionado’s. The cast and crew arrived bright and early so that we could film before the store opened.

Brandon Fields, as Teddy, writes in his journal.

The scenes we filmed on our first day involve the return of Jacob (played by Christopher Brophy), the rejected groom from ‘Bryn Gets a Job’. As it turns out, he and Teddy are close friends! These scenes also introduce audiences to two new characters, Father Tom (Paul Reyes) and Smokeshop (Matt Pitchford).

Filming in a downtown area proved to be a challenge, due to the constant waves of traffic. Our actors had to pause for traffic, while staying in character. Ultimately, it all turned out quite nicely.

Writer/Director, Cameron Logan, and DP, Jeremy Garcia, examine the latest shot.

TEDDY’S PARTY is written/directed by Cameron Logan. The director of photography is Jeremy Garcia. Wardrobe by Teresa Larsen.

Stayed tuned for more updates, and catch up by watching ‘Bryn Gets a Job’, available now on Amazon Prime and YouTube.


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