Teddy’s Party | Production Journal Two

Sunday, February 4th marked day two of filming for our upcoming film ‘Teddy’s Party’. We filmed a large chunk of the film on day two, as we wanted to get most of the party scenes while we had everyone together. It just so happened to fall on the same day as the Super Bowl, so I was worried that some people would back out at the last minute. Fortunately, my worries were put to rest. The Super Bowl could not conquer our collective love of filmmaking. Most people just wanted to watch the Justin Timberlake halftime show anyway (looking at you, Shere).

Brandon Fields (Teddy) poses inside the wardrobe/makeup trailer.


We filmed the party scenes at a house in Aiken County, SC. The homeowner, Eddie, was kind enough to invite over twenty strangers into his home. Whenever you are filming in someone’s house, there tends to be a sense of intrusion. We never got that from Eddie. He was very patient with us, and this film wouldn’t have turned out half as good without his full support. Thanks Eddie!

“It takes a village…”

Everyone began to arrive around 2pm. Teresa Larsen, our wardrobe/hair/makeup expert worked with our main actors and extras in the wardrobe/makeup trailer. I tried to keep the number of people in the house to a minimum, so the trailer came in handy. It gave everyone a place to hang out, eat dinner, and have discussions, without interrupting the filming process.

There’s lots more to come about day two of filming. Stay tuned for journal three!

– Cameron Logan (Writer/Director, Teddy’s Party)


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