Teddy’s Party | Production Journal Five

Sunday, February 11th, 2018 marked day three of filming for TEDDY’S PARTY. The plan for day three was to record all of the scenes involving the character of ‘Grandpa Theo’, played by Patrick Steed.

Once again, we returned to Eddie’s house to film. Since Patrick was playing Teddy’s grandfather (a character well above his actual age), our hair/makeup person, Teresa Larsen, used SFX makeup to make Patrick’s facial hair white. We also put horn-rimmed glasses on him to age him up a little more.

Makeup artist, Teresa Larsen, works on actor Patrick Steed. (Photo Credit: Shere Ladd)

The first scene we filmed involves Teddy coming home to check on Grandpa Theo, who has fallen out of his wheelchair. It’s a mostly comedic scene, which Patrick excelled at. As a director, it is my job to communicate to the actors what I am looking for with each line. A single line of dialogue can be said in so many different ways. That is when the director steps in and asks for variations of the same line. This way, the actor and the director are on the same page.

Boom Operator, Zachary King, records a scene. (Photo Credit: Hannah Lori)

More to come about day three!

-Cameron Logan (Writer/Director, Teddy’s Party)


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