Teddy’s Party | Production Journal Six

TEDDY’S PARTY logo art by Robbie Smith

Day three of filming continued as actors Patrick Steed (Grandpa Theo) and Brandon Fields (Teddy) performed a less comedic, more intense scene. The acting duo rehearsed the scene beforehand a few times. Once the cameras were rolling, the emotion came out. Shot in closeups, the scene features outstanding performances by both actors.

Day four of filming took place on Sunday, February 18th, 2018. It was during this day that we filmed our last scene of dialogue for TEDDY’S PARTY.  The scene takes place at the exterior of Bryn’s house. It was the same location that we shot the first scene of dialogue for BRYN GETS A JOB.

In pursuit of continuity between the films, I got in touch with the owners of “Bryn’s Car” earlier in the week, to ask if we could use the car as a prop. They kindly obliged, delivering the car to us on the day of our shoot. Once the car was in place, the house once again felt like “Bryn’s house”, as if the combination of the two made a complete puzzle.

Director Cameron Logan rehearses a scene with Susan Willis (Ellie) and Brandon Fields (Teddy). (Photo Credit: Hannah Lori)

Another piece of that puzzle was actress Susan Willis, who plays Bryn’s mother, Ellie. Our head of wardrobe, Teresa Larsen, dressed Susan in a pink jumpsuit and visor, giving her a colorful “80’s mother” look that Susan compared to “Mama Goldberg” (from ABC’s hit show ‘The Goldbergs’).

More to come on day four!

-Cameron Logan (Writer/Director, Teddy’s Party)


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