Bryn Gets a Life | Cam’s Production Journal #1

Written by writer/director/producer Cameron Logan

On October 21st, 2019, filming began on our first feature film, Bryn Gets a Life, a comedy/drama in 1986. It follows a young woman, Bryn, who is put in charge of a record store by her boss. When the store is robbed, Bryn has two days to make things right before her boss gets back in town.

Cast and crew arrived on set at 6pm on Monday, October 21st for our first day of filming. The two main goals for our first day: a character photoshoot and an interview scene featuring two talented actors, Alec James and Shere Ladd.

As we entered the filming space, ClassicStudios, we were led into a recording studio with a retro 1980’s era sound board. Although we had planned on filming the interview scene in the green screen room, we found the studio to be a much better location.

Wardrobe Supervisor, Teresa Larsen, working on actress Shere Ladd’s makeup.

Teresa Larsen, our wardrobe supervisor, provided a variety of outfits for our actors. She has previously worked on three short films in the “Bryn-Verse” and is responsible for much of the visual flair of those films.

Mario Enriquez, an extremely talented hair stylist, was given reference images of hairstyles from the 80’s, and he managed to recreated them to perfection. Among these were reference images from Stranger Things and retro modeling catalogs.

Hair Stylist Mario Enriquez works on actor Alec James’ 80’s look.

Our director of photography, Nick Laws, worked closely with our boom operator Joshua Z. Timmerman to set up the camera, lighting and sound equipment. Since it was a short day, we did not have our full crew present, yet Nick and Joshua managed to hold down the fort.

Boom operator, Joshua Timmerman and Director of Photography, Nick Laws, set up for filming.

The scene we were filming is a highly comedic interview, which allowed space for us to improvise and go off-script. Luckily, actors Alec James and Shere Ladd are extremely quick on their feet, and came up with lines that strengthened the scene in hilarious, exciting ways.

Overall, it was an solid first day, with many more to come!


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