Bryn Gets a Life | Cam’s Production Journal #2

Production on our feature length film ‘Bryn Gets a Life’ was in full swing this week. On Saturday, November 2nd, cast and crew gathered at Indie Grip studios in Augusta, Georgia for day two of filming.

The woman above plays the film’s lead character, Bryn. (Photo Credit: Hannah Lori)

This was the first day of filming for our lead actress, Hannah Lori, who plays the film’s titular character, Bryn. For these scenes, she was expected to give a highly emotional performance, and boy, did she deliver. During filming one of the more dramatic moments, I found my eyes welling up…which is exactly what I was hoping for. Once again, Hannah showcased her ability to balance snark and heart, delivering one of her best performances yet.

Day two Script Supervisor, Shere Ladd (left), with director Cameron Logan (center), and Director of Photography, Nick Laws (right). (Photo Credit: Brandon Fields)

The studio was set up and lit to portray the “backstage area” of a concert. False walls were used to create a hallway set and dimly lit with equipment cases and shelves littered throughout. Taggert VinZant (Gaffer) and Nick Laws (Director of Photography) worked closely on the lighting to make sure everything looked good on camera. Once everything was set, Taggert had a chance to cameo in the scene, alongside background actor, Kassie Robinson.

Cast and crew get ready for filming on day two. (Photo Credit: Brandon Fields)

Our Wardrobe Stylist, Teresa Larsen, had a room set aside to dress the actors, before sending them to one of our Hair Stylists, Mario Enriquez. Once hair was finished, Teresa would apply makeup for the actors. Both Teresa and Mario did an amazing job bringing the look of the characters to life.

Hair Stylist, Mario Enriquez, works on lead actress, Hannah Lori. (Photo Credit: Brandon Fields)

Production Sound Mixer, Joshua Z. Timmerman, used both lav mics (which hide underneath the actor’s clothing) and a boom mic to capture audio. This gives us multiple audio options to use in editing once filming is complete.

Other actors for the day were Erikson Lathrop, who plays a dangerous security guard, and Alec James, who’s role I can’t quite tell you much about yet.

Taggert VinZant (left), Nick Laws (center), and Hannah Lori (right).

Absolute ray-of-sunshine, Gabrielle King acted as our second AC; a role that revolves around calling slate at the beginning of each shot. It was her first time using a clapperboard but honestly, you could have fooled me. She was a total pro!

Thank you to Terrence Williams and Claudine Mitchell of IndieGrip for letting us film at your studio and providing some extra props!

Day Three production journal coming soon!

— Cameron Logan, Director of ‘Bryn Gets a Life’


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