Bryn Gets a Life | Cam’s Production Journal #3

Sunday, November 3rd was one of the most fulfilling days of filming that I’ve ever had while working on a film. For one day, the town square of Edgefield, South Carolina became the set of our movie.

Filming in the Edgefield town square required lots of vintage cars and background actors to fill the scene. (Photo Credit: George Hagan)

When writing the script for Bryn Gets a Life, I knew that I wanted to flesh out the town that the characters live in. The town square of Edgefield was the perfect location to do this. Its picturesque quality had been apparent to me for over a decade, as I would often travel to Edgefield just to walk around and try out the restaurants and shops.

After reaching out to the town clerk, Charlotte Cheatham, and getting approval from the mayor, we were all set to film! Police chief Ronald Carter agreed to block off the town square so that we could fill it with vintage cars, all pre-1986. Beth Padgett was kind enough to provide her three vehicles, as well as put me in touch with other people who had vintage cars, such as Doug Timmerman and Bill Lowish.

Cynthia Panzella, our 2nd AC, gets ready to slate. (Photo Credit: George Hagan)


When the big day finally arrived, we used the Edgefield Welcome Center as a headquarters for wardrobe, extras, hair/makeup, and craft services. Our production assistant, Gabrielle King was put in charge of the extras. Whenever I would need the background actors to come to set, I would call Gabrielle, who would make sure they arrived safely and on time.

Kate Dailey, Script Supervisor, gets ready for a scene between Bryn and her mother, Ellie. (Photo Credit: George Hagan)

We had an amazing cast of over thirty background actors. I was hoping to be able to talk to each and every one of them and discuss the film, but with our tight schedule, I unfortunately had no time. I am truly grateful to each and every person who brought cars and/or worked as a background actor in the film. The scenes that we filmed in the town square are truly something special, and it’s largely because of them.

Our behind-the-scenes photographer, George Hagan of OurVue Photography, took some amazing pictures throughout the day, including the ones provided in this journal entry. Actor Bryan Easley, who plays Officer Nash in the film, is actually a former police officer, so he helped direct traffic for the vintage cars, telling them where to park, as well as providing some last minute props!

Bryan Easley wears two hats as actor and production assistant. (Photo Credit: George Hagan)

Our director of photography, Nick Laws, was able to utilize a drone camera for a few of the shots. Filming the town square from that height allowed us to create some amazing scenes.

Overall, it was a great day, filled with sunshine, lots of fun, and lots of hard work! Thank you to the town of Edgefield and everyone who was involved for making this day of filming such a great experience! For more information on the town of Edgefield, check out

Director, Cameron Logan and Script Supervisor, Kate Dailey. (Photo Credit: George Hagan)

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