Bryn Gets a Life | Cam’s Production Journal #4

The morning of Monday, November 4th, 2019, I arrived bright and early to Grantski Records on Central Avenue in Augusta, Georgia. With a long day ahead of me, I began unloading all of my equipment and props for day four of filming ‘Bryn Gets a Life’.

Early Morning at Grantski Records (Photo Credit: George Hagan)

This was a big day and we had a lot to film; many different scenes with costume changes, and different actors. The record store (given the name of ‘Dead Beat Records’ in the film) plays a LARGE role in the plot, housing the “golden record” that goes missing and sets things in motion.

Actors Steven Bagaria and Hannah Lori working together again after two years. (Photo Credit: George Hagan)

One of the best parts of day four was seeing old collaborators again; collaborators such as talented Atlanta actor Steven Bagaria, who plays Bryn’s boss, the record store manager. He previously played the same role in ‘Bryn Gets a Job’, but now his character has a name: ‘Boomer!’

Coming all the way from Pennsylvania, actor Ed McKelvey played the role of ‘Jeff,’ a character who might give Smokeshop a run for his money in the loitering department!

Actors Braden Bunch (left), Ed McKelvey (middle) and Kaitlin Hodson (right) fill out the record store with pure 80’s fashion. (Photo Credit: George Hagan)

Also among our cast was another actor from ‘Bryn Gets a Job’: young actor extraordinaire, Ethan Daniels. He reprised his role from ‘Job’ as the young, antagonistic paperboy; “Bryn’s equal” if you will. His character is also given a name this time: ‘Kevin.’ And yes, his character’s name is a homage to the main character in Home Alone. You know we love our John Hughes references!

Although we didn’t have much space to work with, Grantski Records was the perfect location to film our scenes. The walls and boxes on the tables are filled to the brim with pure nostalgic bliss. We rearranged certain things, and covered up some posters in order to keep things as 80’s accurate as possible. I’m sure some of our eagle-eyed viewers will spot things that are post-1986, but hey, more power to you! Let us know what you find and we’ll add to the bloopers on our IMDB page!

Director of Photography, Nick Laws (left) and gaffer, Taggert VinZant (right) (Photo Credit: George Hagan)

In order to keep these blog posts as streamlined as possible, I can’t possibly mention every cast and crew member on every day, but I will say that our cast and crew was firing on all cylinders. Hannah Lori, who plays Bryn, did a tremendous job keeping her energy up, considering she is featured in 90% of the scenes in the record store. Kaitlin Hodson, who plays Marisa, also gave one of my favorite comedic performances during one of her scenes in the record store. You’ll know the scene when you see it. Oh, and just a small tidbit, Kaitlin’s lines for this scene were not in the script but added during rehearsals. The joys of improvisation.

(Left to Right) 2nd Assistant Camera, Cynthia Panzella, actor Steven Bagaria, Director Cameron Logan, Director of Photography Nick Laws (Photo Credit: George Hagan)

Thank you to Evan Grantski of ‘Grantski Records’ for letting us film at your wonderful store. If you live in the Augusta area, go check out Grantski Records. It’s the best place to buy vinyl records in the region!

Actor Braden Bunch takes a nap while waiting for his next scene. (Photo Credit: George Hagan)

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