Bryn Gets a Life | Cam’s Production Journal #5

Day five of filming ‘Bryn Gets a Life’ saw us revisit a filming locations used in our previous “Bryn-Verse” short films: Teddy’s Store! In real life, the store is called Aficionado’s of Augusta and sits on 8th street in downtown Augusta, GA.

Background actors and crew members prepare for filming. (Photo Credit: Brandon Fields)

The scenes in the Teddy’s store were fun to film, but we didn’t have much time to do it. We were filming before the store’s opening at 11am. Unfortunately, we went a little over schedule (sorry Tony!)

Before filming started, we arrived early and began to dress the set. As you can imagine, filming a 1986-set movie in a modern store brought some changes to the scenery. We flipped candy wrappers to hide labels, covered up ATM machines, covered products with prop-fliers, and much more.

The woman above looks at her phone while Nick Laws is hard at work. (Photo Credit: Brandon Fields)

The coolest part of the set was our fake arcade machine, which factors into the movie’s plot in a major way. The arcade game was named ‘Bow-Bow’ which was my late grandfather’s nickname throughout his life.

The machine was gutted on the inside, which allowed Nick Laws, our Director of Photography, to film a POV shot from “behind the arcade screen.”

Nick Laws filming “behind the arcade screen” (Photo Credit: Kate Dailey)

Main actors, Hannah Lori (Bryn) and Brandon Fields (Teddy) were there to film the first scene in which their characters interact in the film. This involved a really fun visual gag, which you’ll have to wait to see the film to find out.

For those of you who have seen ‘Bryn Gets a Job’, our very own paperboy, Ethan Daniels, returned to play Bryn’s nemesis, Kevin. Ethan, along with our group of background actors did a phenomenal reacting to the arcade game. Two of our crew members, Joshua Timmerman and Cynthia Panzella, even made it in the scene.

Our wonderful cast of extras! (Photo Credit: Kate Dailey)

Overall, it was a fun day with many more stories for another time!


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