Bryn Gets a Life | Cam’s Production Journal #6

On day six of filming for ‘Bryn Gets a Life’, we moved to a private residence in Harlem, GA. During the pre-production process, I knew I wanted Bryn’s house to be littered with wood panels on the walls. While scouting locations to film these scenes, I stumbled upon the “Harlem house”, which turned out to be exactly what I was looking for.

bryn03 (Bryan)
Taggert VinZant and Cynthia Panzella discuss the set-up between takes. (Photo Credit: Bryan Easley)

I arrived the night before to decorate Bryn’s bedroom for the film. These decorations included posters of David Bowie and Prince, as well as an assortment of random objects that would be found in the typical 80’s young adult bedroom.

Cast and crew arrived early in the morning to prepare filming. Susan Willis (who plays Bryn’s mother, Ellie) and Hannah Lori (Bryn) were the only two actors required for these scenes.

Hannah Lori (Bryn) pointing to the ‘No Tresspassing’ sign on her doorway.

During a couple of scenes, our gaffer, Taggert VinZant, blacked out a few of the windows and doorways. This is a trick used in filmmaking called ‘Day for night’, which allows you to simulate nighttime during the day. You’d be surprised how many night scenes in films are actually shot during the day. On other days of filming, we used artificial lighting to simulate day during the night.

Cynthia Panzella (2nd AC) slates a shot in Bryn’s bedroom.

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