A Comprehensive Guide to the Majestic Amboseli Serena Lodge

Welcome to Amboseli Serena Lodge: a luxurious paradise nestled in the heart of Kenya’s iconic Amboseli National Park. This safari lodge flawlessly intertwines the indigenous building style with modern comforts, offering an unforgettable experience in the middle of the wild African savannah.

A Captivating Encounter with Nature’s Heart

Preserving the traditional Masai architecture, the Amboseli Serena Safari Lodge conjures a unique sensation of being one with nature whilst ensuring the provision of top-tier service and comforts. This lodge blends into the sizable shadows of Mount Kilimanjaro, the largest and most majestic peak in Africa.

Sublime Setting Amidst Majestic Wildlife

Imagine waking up to the mesmerising spectacle of herds of elephants sauntering by against the backdrop of the breathtaking Kilimanjaro. Located within Amboseli National Park, Amboseli Serena Lodge allows for unparalleled wildlife viewing opportunities, without compromising the ease and lavishness one would expect from a world-class establishment.

Accommodation Designed for Luxury and Comfort

Our rooms are designed in resemblance to Masai manyattas – a testament to the lodge’s commitment to honour the local culture. Each room offers sweeping views of the savannah or of Mount Kilimanjaro, bringing you closer than ever to the spellbinding wonders of the Kenyan wilderness.

Dining Experiences to Savour

The Amboseli Serena Lodge promises culinary delights, offering exotic yet comforting menus. From traditional African fare to world-class international cuisine, the chefs consistently captivate guests with their epicurean creations.

Exhilarating Activities for an Unmatched Safari Experience

The Amboseli Serena Safari Lodge offers an array of activities designed for those seeking an adrenaline rush or those keen on embarking on a serene exploration of the vast savannah. Enjoy guided nature walks, bird watching excursions, or partake in game drives led by experienced guides who are well-versed in the mystical narratives of the African plains.

Unforgettable Memories in a Stunning Landscape

With its strategically perfect location, Amboseli Serena Lodge offers guests an exclusive seat to nature’s daily drama; be it witnessing zebras quenching their thirst by the lodge’s very own waterhole, elephants bathing under the African sun, or the flaming orange hues of an African sunset gradually engulfing the sky.

Conservation Efforts Made by the Lodge

The Amboseli Serena Lodge is not just instrumental in providing guests with the ultimate African experience but also actively carries out several eco initiatives aimed at conserving the park’s flora and fauna. The lodge is deeply invested in ensuring that their operations do not disrupt the natural equilibrium of the ecosystem.

A Soothing Spa for Utmost Relaxation

After a day packed with adventures, rejuvenate your senses at our spa, modeled after a traditional Masai Manyatta. Our experienced therapists use all-natural ingredients to help you unwind and enjoy a pampering experience whilst surrounded by the soothing sounds of nature.

Your Perfect Venture in the African Wilderness

Whether you are planning a family vacation, an adrenaline Lovers’ getaway, or a serene retirement trip, Amboseli Serena Lodge can cater to your every need, promising an immersive and unforgettable safari experience. The combination of first-class service, luxurious accommodations, and an unrivaled location makes for the perfect getaway, away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

The Ideal Venue for Events

With its awe-inspiring location, the lodge also offers impeccable services for those seeking a rustic and dreamy location to host events. With the ability to create custom packages to suit your requirements, the Amboseli Serena Lodge can turn your dreams into reality, making your celebration a unique and unforgettable event.


The Amboseli Serena Lodge reveals the splendour of Africa in its purest, wildest, and most untouched form. Offering unmatched hospitality, unparalleled wildlife encounters, and scenic views of Mount Kilimanjaro, your journey at the lodge will be every bit as breathtaking as the vivid African landscape that surrounds it. Experiencing the true essence of African wilderness, Amboseli Serena Lodge offers you not just a stay, but a journey – a journey into the wild African savannah, where luxury and nature coalesce in harmony.

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