Bryn Gets a Life


will be released online in Summer 2021.
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Logline | When an autographed “golden record” is stolen from under her nose, Bryn, a self-absorbed slacker, has two days to track it down or find a replacement before her boss gets back in town. Set in 1986.

Starring| Hannah Lori, Susan Willis, Brandon Fields, Andrew Bearden, Kaitlin Hodson, Braden Bunch, Steven Bagaria, Patrick Steed, Ethan McGee, Ethan Daniels, Sophia-Rayne, and more.

Written, Directed, & Produced by | Cameron Logan
Director of Photography | Nick Laws
Casting by | Susan Willis
Wardrobe | Teresa Larsen


Bryn Gets a Job

Teddy’s Party

Arthur: Dawn of Destiny

is currently in Pre-Production
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Logline | An anxious squire, under the guidance of a weary wizard, sets out on a journey to rescue his brother from The Dark Legion. Along the way, the squire struggles to adhere to the lessons of manhood while slowly finding out the truth of his past. Based on the beginning of the King Arthur legends.

Written by | Cameron Logan & C. Neil Davenport
Produced by | Cameron Logan (Logan Social Films, LLC)


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