10 Must-Have Kamado Grill Accessories for Your Barbecue Adventures


When it comes to outdoor BBQ experiences, the Kamado grill takes the crown. Its distinctive egg-shaped configuration and superior heat retention make it a versatile tool for grilling, smoking, baking, and roasting. But to truly maximize your grilling potential, a set of Kamado grill accessories is vital. These enhancements not only boost your grilling capabilities but also guarantee your dishes are impeccably cooked.

Kamado grill accessories

Top 10 Kamado Grill Accessories

1. Heat Deflector:

Often referred to as a plate setter, the heat deflector is an indispensable Kamado grill accessory. This device creates a shield between the heat source and your food, providing indirect heat for slow cooking or smoking. It’s ideal for preparing large meat cuts or baking pizzas.

2. Grate Lifter:

A grate lifter is an essential tool that allows you to remove the heated grill grate safely during cooking. It’s designed to firmly grasp the grate, preventing burns and ensuring your safety.

3. Grill Cover:

A grill cover is crucial for safeguarding your Kamado grill from harsh weather conditions. These covers are typically crafted from durable materials resistant to rain, snow, sunlight, and wind.

4. Ash Tool:

An ash tool simplifies the process of cleaning your Kamado grill. This tool efficiently removes ash from the grill’s bottom without creating a mess.

5. Grill Gloves:

A pair of superior-quality grill gloves can protect your hands from extreme heat while handling hot grill grates or tools.

6. Dual Probe Thermometer:

A dual probe thermometer enables you to keep track of both the grill and the food temperature concurrently. This ensures your food reaches the perfect cooking temperature every time.

7. Drip Pans:

Drip pans collect the fats and juices that fall from your food, preventing flare-ups and helping keep your grill clean.

8. Pizza Stone:

With a pizza stone, you can cook pizza on your Kamado grill, ensuring a crispy crust and evenly cooked toppings.

9. Rib Rack:

A rib rack lets you cook more ribs simultaneously by standing them upright. It also guarantees even cooking and easy basting.

10. Grill Brush:

A high-quality grill brush is essential for maintaining your Kamado grill’s cleanliness. It effectively removes food residues and prevents build-up.

In the middle of this article, let’s take a moment to consider the importance of the right utensil set in your grilling ventures. Explore more about it in our guide on mastering bbq grill utensil set selection.


Purchasing these Kamado grill accessories will undeniably enhance your grilling journey, allowing you to fully utilize your Kamado grill. Whether you’re an experienced grill enthusiast or a novice in Kamado grilling, these accessories will boost your culinary skills and transform outdoor cooking into a sheer pleasure.

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