Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Backpacking Mess Kit


Backpacking and camping have always been a great way to connect with nature. With the rush of the urban life, whenever you get the chance to backpack, it’s essential to have the right gear with you. Among them, one of the most important items is the backpacking mess kit. These kits are efficient, compact, and lightweight, thus making your outdoor cooking experience enjoyable.

Importance of A Backpacking Mess Kit

A backpacking mess kit is an essential item that every camper requires. What is a journey without warm food and a good cup of coffee? The backpacking mess kit allows you to prepare meals and keep you nourished. It combines tools like pots, pans, cups, bowls, utensils, and occasionally, a stove.

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Factors to Consider When Choosing A Backpacking Mess Kit

Material: Choosing the correct material is paramount. Aluminum kits are lightweight and inexpensive, while stainless steel kits are durable, but a bit heavier. Titanium is the best material as it combines the advantages of both, but it is costly.

Weight and Size: If your kit is too heavy, it can drastically reduce your mobility. It’s crucial to pick a compact and lightweight kit that doesn’t compromise on usability.

Complete Set: Ensure the kit has all required utensils. A backpacking mess kit typically includes a pot, pan, plates, cutlery, mugs, and a cleaning sponge.

Best Backpacking Mess Kits on the Market

1. MSR Quick 2 System

It’s one of the most popular backpacking mess kits available. The MSR Quick 2 System comes with two non-stick aluminum pots, two deep-dish plates, two insulated mugs, and a strainer lid. This kit is perfect for two people and balances durability, weight, and price.

2. GSI Outdoors Bugaboo Camper

The GSI Outdoors Bugaboo Camper is a family-friendly kit. This kit comprises Teflon-coated aluminum pots and frying pan, plates, bowls, mugs, and nesting storage containers. While it may be slightly heavier, the ample space and convenience make it worth it.

3. Sea to Summit Alpha Set

This set is known for its lightweight and high-quality design. The Sea to Summit Alpha Set includes two hard-anodized aluminum pots, two bowls, two mugs, a ladle, and spatula with integrated sporks. It is sturdy, reliable, and its modularity makes it an excellent choice for backpackers.

Maintenance of the Backpacking Mess Kit

Proper maintenance increases the lifespan of your mess kit. Therefore, it’s crucial to clean the kit thoroughly after every use, dry it properly, and store it in a cool, dry place. Ensure to handle non-stick surfaces with care to prevent damage.


The backpacking mess kit is an essential tool for every camper or backpacker. This guide helps ensure that you find a perfect balance between cost, weight, capacity, and dependability.

The three backpacking mess kits mentioned, the MSR Quick 2 System, GSI Outdoors Bugaboo Camper, and Sea to Summit Alpha Set, showcase the variety of options available for all kinds of backpackers.

Ultimately, the best mess kit is the one that best suits your backpacking needs while offering exceptional performance. With proper maintenance, these kits are designed to serve you on countless adventure trips.

So next time you plan your backpacking trip, ensure you invest in a versatile, compact, and lightweight backpacking mess kit and enjoy a hot meal in the beautiful lap of nature.

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